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  Deli-isher's Cuisine
 Take a Wee Walk on the Wild side of Scotland
Unique Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Highland
Heather Herbal Tea & Nectar

Welocome to Wild Mountain Highland Heather's Home
All Products & Packaging 100% Eco-Friendly  

Wild Heather's Secret's?

Wild Mountain Highland  Heather was known to ancient civilizations as a little Lucky Flower of Passion  and it is reported that this little Blossom has many other Health & Beauty Secrets notably as a Gentle Detox, natures inner Health & Beauty  Cleanser!

Wild Heather's Past & Present

4000 yrs. ago the Ancient Pics of Scotland drank Heather Ale

4000 yrs. Later in the heart of Scotland

21st Century Deli-isher's Cuisine Edible Art Studio Froachan (Froachan; that which dwells among the Heather)


 Unique Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Highland  Heather Herbal Tea & Nectar

Blossom to Pot!


Blossom to Bottle!

Reportedly Used for Centuries

 as a Health & Inner Beauty Beverage

Wild Heather's History

Archaeologists have found traces of a fermented drink made of heather flowers on a 3,000 year old Neolithic shard of pottery on the Isle of Rum. 

Robert Burns
A Brew made of Highland Heather is reported to be one of Robert Burns favorite 'Health Drinks' Perhaps this is what helped make him one of the most Romantic poets of his time?
And what is good enough for one of Scotland famous Bards is good enough for me!

Heather Ale  By Robert Louis Stevenson

"From the bonny bells of heather

  They brewed a drink long-syne,

Was sweeter far then honey,

  Was stronger far than wine.

They Brewed it and they Drank it!


 Wild Highland Heather's Secrets Revealed!


In ancient times Heather flowers were used to send messages between lovers


Used for Millennia in  Herbal Remedies for

 among other things as a gentle inner cleanser Detox of  body, mind & spirit


Purple heather was thought to signify beauty and admiration, males usually chose this flower when wooing their lovers


Ancient Celts and Druids saw many other qualities  symbolized by the heather, including romance

 Even today 21st Century Weddings will include Scottish Heather  in flower bouquets for good luck!

Right :Bespoke Designer MockTeals && CocktTeals Wild Mountain Highland Heather Nectar of the Gods