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  Deli-isher's Cuisine
 Hand-Crafted in Scotland 
From the House of Antosa De La Rose

Award Winning Edible Works of Art ©

Hand Crafted in Scotland est: 2016

Award Winning Confiture's & Nectars Edible Works of Art

"Love of Beauty is Taste

The Creation of Beauty is Art" R W Emerson


From the House of Antosa De La Rose,  in the heart of Scotland I was inspired to create and capture Artistically the Magical Essence of Romantic Scotland and it all began while hiking with my family in the Ancient Heather clad Hills & Mountains of Scotland.
The creation of a Unique Hand-crafted Scottish Heather Nectar became my passionate obsession from Flower Bud to Bottle

Scotland the land of my birth full of Myth, Legend & Romantic Beauty

What other country can boast the Magical & Legendary Unicorn as it's National Animal

Only Scotland!

And what other Country can boast the very first Unique Hand-crafted Scottish Heather Nectar

Only Scotland!


 Antosa x

Unique Scottish ’Heather Nectar'
Capturing the Magical Essence of Romantic Scotland

In every sip

Capturing the Essence of Romantic Scotland

Left: Antosa  21st Century Biogeometric Art Works Exhibited at  Birnam Art Centre Scotland  09/09/2017 'Lady of the Sycamore'(embellished in pure Copper leaf) & 'Tree of Life Platinum gold Oak Gateway to Eternity'(embellished with pure Platinum Gold & Silver) are  Dedicated to the Ancient Birnam Wood made famous by Shakespeare in Macbeth the Ancient Oak Tree &  Sycamore Tree

Welcome to my home, The House of Antosa De La Rose (please click link below)


left: Antosa Isherwood : Art Historian (MA Aberdeen University) Artist, Poet, published
Children's Author/Illustrator ©™ Mother 4 sons,Original Biogeometric Art Designer,
Dipl Catering, Perfumer Dpl Guilimard Grasse South France, Former London Harley Street Consultant Holistic Health & Beauty, BSc (Edin) Cert Refl, Dip Aro,MAR

 Sir Walter Scott's Favourite flower
'It is on record that Scottish Heather was the favourite flower of Sir Walter Scott, as dear to him as his own "land of brown heath and shaggy wood;" and his references to the plant occur often in those immortal pen portraits of Scotland's mountain scenery. And his favourite drink was Whisky
Left:Outlander Scots Whisky n Heather Cocktail
(Royal Scots whisky glass: limited edition designed by Antosa ©)

Flower of Royalty Queen Victoria & Albert

Among the many tributes of tender sentiment cherished by the late Queen Victoria, stored in her private album, was a spray of Heather it has been recorded

"That it was taken from the wedding bouquet presented by Prince Albert to his wife,"

National Animal of Scotland

The Unicorn
National Animal Symbol of Scotland!

Unicorns Fact or Fiction?
 Fact: Unicorn's were worshipped by the ancient Babylonians, ancient Persians, the Romans, the Greeks and ancient Jewish scholars, all describing a horse-like creature whose single horn had magical properties and could heal disease
Unicorns may have been hunted into extinction like the Rhino of today? Unicorns creatures of mythology whatever the truth is?

Fact: Western civilizations believed in the existence of Unicorns for thousands of years—it was a symbol of purity, innocence, and power in Celtic mythology.
Fact: The Unicorn has a sacred bond with Scotland as its National Animal Symbol

Nectar  of the Gods

Above The Food of the Gods on Mt Olympus (1530), majolica dish attributed to Nicola da Urbino

Ancient Greece Nectar of the Gods & Goddesses


Every morning the ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses had their Food & Drink Delivered by Doves

Nectar was called the divine drink it had the magical property to confer immortality on any mortal who had the luck to drink it.

Unique Hand-crafted Scottish Heather Nectar

Now I cannot promise immortality only that once tasted you will want to stay alive to taste more! :)

Deli-isher’s 21st Century Edible Works of Art from the heart of Scotland 

‘Nectar of the Gods?

Only you can say!:)

Visual & Tasting quote: "In a class &  league of its own"

Unique Scottish Hand-Crafted Heather Nectar

Capturing the Magical Essence

Of Romantic Scotland

In Every Sip!

Unicorn Mist Cocktail/Mocktail

25ml Gin

25ml Deli-isher’s Unique Craft Heather Nectar

50ml Deli-isher'sScottish Craft Rose Water

5ml fresh Lemon


In a cocktail shaker, combine Deli-isher’s Exclusive &  Unique Heather Nectar, Gin & tonic water. Fill with ice and shake. Strain into the prepared cocktail glass and top with a  sprinkle of Deli-isher's Unicorn Dust (Edible Silver Leaf).

Ps. To create a non alchoholic Deli-isher's Mocktail please omit the Gin instead use 25ml of
'Herbie Virgin' (Said to be the 'world's first' non-alcoholic gin)