The House of Antosa De La Rose
Art, Design By Antosa ©™

   Deli-Isher's Cuisine Studio Froachan Tartan Tea  Co Ltd
Take A Wee Walk on the Wild Side 'O' Scotland
Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Highland
Heather Blossom Tea ©

All Products, Packaging 100% Sustainable 
Bio-degradeable  & Eco-Friendly  
Exclusive dessign by Antosa©

2020 News Update!

Wild Mountain Highland Heather Blossom Tea

In Top 5 Best Scottish Product Awards SECC Glasgow Jan 2020


We are  Delighted to be 

Taking Part in an International Virtual Global Tea Expo Conference/Fair USA

October 12-14th 2020

Selected  to represent along with 3 other Businesses from Kingdom of Fife 

 to be part of the Taste of Tayside and Fife

for the Scottish Taste of Grampian Virtual  event 18th-20th September 2020


"Love of Beauty is Taste

The Creation of Beauty is Art" R W Emerson


Then there is

'A Wee Walk on the Wild Side 'O' Scotland'!

Unique, Original & Exclusive

Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Highland Heather Blossom Tea  Nectar of the Gods

Highland  Heather Blossom to Pot!


Blossom to Bottle! 

 Experience The Magical Taste & Spirit  'O' Wild, Rustic Ruggedly Romantic Scotland 

in every Sip!

  Slàinte Mhath

Take a wee Walk into the Ancient Woodlands & Highlands of Scotland!

Left: Antosa's    21st Century Biogeometric Art Works Exhibited at  Birnam Art Centre Scotland  09/09/2017 'Lady of the Sycamore'(embellished in pure Copper leaf) & 'Tree of Life Platinum gold Oak Gateway to Eternity'(embellished with pure Platinum Gold & Silver) are  Dedicated to the Ancient Birnam Wood made famous by Shakespeare in Macbeth the Ancient Oak Tree &  Sycamore Tree

Antosa Isherwood : Art Historian (MA Aberdeen University) Artist, Poet, published

Children's Author/Illustrator ©™ Mother 4 sons,Original Bio-geometric Art Designer,
Dipl Catering, Perfumer Dipl Guilimard Grasse South France, Former London Harley Street Consultant Holistic Health & Beauty, BSc (Edin) Cert Refl, Dip Aro,MA