The House of Antosa De La Rose
Art, Design By Antosa ©™

   Deli-Isher's Cuisine Studio Froachan Tartan Tea  Co Ltd
Take A Wee Walk on the Wild Side 'O' Scotland
Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Highland
Heather Blossom Tea ©

All Products, Packaging 100% Sustainable 
Bio-degradeable  & Eco-Friendly  
Exclusive dessign by Antosa©

2020 News Update!

Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Happy Healthy Highland Heather Blossom Tea 

Honoured to have been In Top 5 Best Scottish Product Awards SECC Glasgow Jan 2020

& Nominated for an International Global Tea Award 2020!

Studio Froachan Wild Mountain Highland Heather Tartan Tea Co Ltd is  Delighted to be 

Taking Part in an International Virtual Global Tea Expo Conference/Fair USA

October 12-14th 2020

Selected  to represent along with 3 other Businesses from Kingdom of Fife 

 to be part of the Taste of Tayside and Fife

for the Scottish Taste of Grampian Virtual  event 18th-20th September 2020

"Love of Beauty is Taste

The Creation of Beauty is Art" R W Emerson


Then there is

'A Wee Walk on the Wild Side 'O' Scotland'!

Unique, Original & Exclusive

Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Highland Heather Blossom Tea  Nectar of the Gods

Highland  Heather Blossom to Pot!


Blossom to Bottle! 

 Experience The Magical Taste & Spirit  'O' Wild, Rustic Ruggedly Romantic Scotland 

in every Sip!

  Slàinte Mhath

Take a wee Walk into the Ancient Woodlands & Highlands of Scotland!

Left: Antosa's    21st Century Biogeometric Art Works Exhibited at  Birnam Art Centre Scotland  09/09/2017 'Lady of the Sycamore'(embellished in pure Copper leaf) & 'Tree of Life Platinum gold Oak Gateway to Eternity'(embellished with pure Platinum Gold & Silver) are  Dedicated to the Ancient Birnam Wood made famous by Shakespeare in Macbeth the Ancient Oak Tree &  Sycamore Tree

Antosa Isherwood : Art Historian (MA Aberdeen University) Artist, Poet, published

Children's Author/Illustrator ©™ Mother 4 sons,Original Bio-geometric Art Designer,
Dipl Catering, Perfumer Dipl Guilimard Grasse South France, Former London Harley Street Consultant Holistic Health & Beauty, BSc (Edin) Cert Refl, Dip Aro,MA