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Deli-Isher's Cuisine

Hand Crafted in Scotland est: 2016

Award Winning Confiture's & Nectars Edible Works of Art

MA's Edible Works of Art Studio

Motto: "Let the Beauty We Love
Be What We Do"-Rum
i 13th century

Edible Workds of  Art Renaissance

As an Art Historian (MA Aberdeen University) & Creative Designer, Artist I simply adore all beauty and artistic creativity this includes being in the Kitchen (Dipl Catering) which in truth is just an extension to my Art Studio, my Kitchen has now been christened 'Ma's Edible Art Studio' where I create ' Edible Works of  Art'

2016 Edible Works of Art Renaissance
My Friend Sophie from the (Pittenweem Chocolate Company & Cocoa Tree Coffee Shop Fife Scotland!) loved my Love Treat gifts so much that early in 2016 she ordered some to be sold commercially in her business, & joy of joys! To be added  to her handmade chocolates.
All During the Pitenweem Art Festival 2016 my exclusive products were sold & "Sold Out" from her divine Gourmet Cocoa Tree Coffee Shop.

This was the spark that ignited my passion and resulted in my re-birth my Renaissance into creating my Love Treats and 'Edible Works of Art' for the Pittenweem Chocolate Companies Discerning Connoisseur Clientele. And to creating my Gourmet Edible Works of Art Award Winning Confiture's & Nectars
(In Kenya for over 20yrs I ran a small Culinary Cottage Industry catering especially in Marmalade!  My clientele : local French Patisserie's, Private Golf, social & members only clubs & a variety of Supermarkets,  both in Mombasa & Nairobi which led to an amazing Culinary Adventure)

'A Taste of Kenya'
13 part Television Cooking Series for KBC
Kenya 1997 & 1998 I wrote and presented a 13 part Television series for KBC (Kenya Broadcasting Company).
Each week we would film in exotic and unusual locations throughout Kenya.
From the shores of the Indian Ocean on an Arab Dhow to the vast great African plains next to watering holes the rendezvous centre of Elephants, Zebra & many other wild animals.
Here I introduced & presented Kenya's top Chefs on location as they innovatively cooked and prepared outstanding local & international cuisine.



When Creating I always  recal  my Aunt Anni's favourite saying

"Always remember that

there is no such thing as competition

As long as you are the Best"

Gourmet Capital of the World!
Tokyo City boasts 267 Michelin-starred ***** Restaurants,
More than any other city in the world !
12 have *** 3 star status
Tokyo's  nearest rival, Paris, has 94 Michelin-stars.

Japanese Cuisine

While visiting Japan to attend my Eldest Twin Son's
 wedding in Kyoto

I experienced an Artistic sensory Epiphany

as I absorbed every aspect of Japanese culture & way of life
which is taken to the highest Artistic Level
It was in Japan I  Truly tasted 
Food of the Gods 
Japanese cuisine is prepared and served with: Exquisite delicate Artistry,  meticulous attention to detail,
 a feast for the senses in colour, texture & taste,
 Japan influenced & inspired my Deli-Isher's Cuisines
 Artistic Presentation 
(Left: Antosa with Geisha Kyoto Japan
Below: Family Wedding Banquet, Japanese food & drink embellished with Edible 24carat Gold)