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Deli-Isher's Cuisine

Hand Crafted in Scotland est: 2016

Award Winning Confiture's & Nectars Edible Works of Art



Creation of Deli-isher's Cuisine

Le Petit Gourmet D'or Edible Works of Art

The creation of Deli-Isher's Cuisine truly has been a Work of Art from the Heart, from knee high till now I have always loved cooking.

At one stage in my life my favourite bedtime reading was 'Cook Books' talk about Dreaming about food!

Diploma in Catering

Prior to my marriage I went to a Scottish Catering College gaining a diploma and learning all the basics of Fine French Cuisine!

Living in Kenya was paradise, with fresh produce daily (including the fish caught and brought to the house by local fishermen) it was here that my culinary skills took to wing!

Kenya Culinary Cottage Industry

 I started my first 'Kenya Culinary Cottage Industry' making fresh deliveries every Friday to local national and international Clientele in Mombasa and Nairobi

'TV Presenting 'A Taste of Kenya' 13 part Cooking series

1997/1998 I was delighted to write and present a 13 part TV Series for KBC called a 'Taste of Kenya'

We filmed on location  and I presented  local and international Chefs as they created Gourmet food made with organic Crème de la crème ingreadients set to a backdrop of stunning 'Out of Africa' scenery a wonderful time in my life, where all my hearts loves and  dreams rolled into one!

Renaissance & Creation of Deli-Isher's Cuisine

Upon returning to the UK I continued creating my Edible Works of Art, little Love Treats, Presents and gifts  for family and friends.

In 2016 one dear friend who owns the Pittenweem Chocolate Company and Cocoa Tree Cafe  a year-round haven in the heart of the picturesque, East Neuk fishing village, Sophie was the Catalyst inflaming my hearts spark and love  into creating once again commercially my Edible Works of Art .

Sophie loved my 'Confitures so much that she wanted to create a new Chocolate using my product the Exclusive limited Edition Strawberry Rose petal Confiture infused with edible gold!

Once I started in MA's Edible Art Studio I could not stop such happy times, reminding me of being a little girl again when I baked  with my grandmothers and once again summer 2016 I recreated just so many of my happy kitchen day memories!

Deli-isher's Cuisine is an Art from my heart and as my motto says

Motto: "Let the Beauty We Love

Be What We Do"-Rumi 13th century

My Renaissance my Golden Era of Cuisine has begun and I am feeling that and so much more than happy!

Welcome to the

Creation of Del-isher's Cuisine!

Bon Appétit

L Antosa x

Ps. Below  my  special Organic  home -made breakfast pineapple drink with yogurt sprinkled with seeds,infused with Edible 24carat Gold and drizzled with organic honey

Simply Deli-Isher's!

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Food & Drink History of Edible Art

Posted on 11 October, 2016 at 5:50 Comments comments (0)

Throughout all of History Food and Drink has been revered

Ancient civilizations were fascinated with Food and Drink from daily basic sustenance to feasting & banqueting, Food & Drink always hasbeen and continues to be in this 21st Century a major focus in all our lives.

During my research and in the creation of my Deli-isher’s Cuisine Le Petit Gourmet D’or I was fascinated with the history that ran alongside Food and Drink

  (Left :Thetis anoints Achilles with ambrosia, by Johann Balthasar Probst (1673–1748)

In no particular historical order I will share my love of ‘Edible Art History’ with you and where better to start than in

Ancient Greece Food of the Gods & Goddesses

Food was such an important part of Greek life because it was always connected to the Gods.

The Greeks loved their Gods & Goddesses so much that they even made food and drink that only they could eat (now that would be a recipe book to find and follow!:) 

Food & Drink fit only for the Gods & goddesses Nectar the drink of the gods & Ambrosia the food of gods why? Well the following are good enough reasons


It was said that whoever consumed Ambrosia no longer had blood in their veins, but another substance called ichor (the golden fluid that flowed in the veins of gods and immortals)


Nectar was called the divine drink it had the magical property to confer immortality on any mortal who had the luck to drink it.

Deli-isher’s Cuisine is a play on the above as the signature ingredient in the Le Petit Gourmet D’or Confiture’s & Nectars is edible 23 / 24 Carat Gold perhaps I should have called them Deli-ichor!

I cannot promise immortality, but only that once you have  tasted  Le Petit Gourmet D'or you will wish to stay alive to taste more! 

Have a wonderful week

Love Antosa x