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  Deli-Isher's Cuisine
 Hand-Crafted in Scotland  Est 2016
Award Winning Edible Works of Art 

Hand Crafted in Scotland est: 2016

Award Winning Confiture's & Nectars Edible Works of Art

2017 Award-winning Confitures


 Whisky & Tri Citrus Confuture

Infused with Edible Gold Leaf

Single Malt Scotch

Spring 2017! New begginings

 I won an Award for my Single Malt Whisky & Tri Citrus Confiture infused with Edible Gold.

The above product is Dedicated to

  Robert Burns who I am sure enjoyed a dram or two and even had a wee taste of marmalade too!

 History reveals that it was

The Romans who learned from

the Greeks that quinces slowly cooked with honey would "set" when cool Greek μελίμηλον (melimēlon, "honey fruit") transformed into Portuguese "marmelo"

Award Winning Confiture#s

Dedicated to Rabbie Burns

Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796) is one of the most famous characters in Scottish Cultural History. His importance is immense, not only in terms of his fascinating story and his work……but as a living tradition, carried from generation to generation throughout the World.

Ploughman to Poet Rabbie As a boy student under the teaching of John Murdoch, and later, by his father, Burns would excel. It was clear even then that he was of considerable intellect, as he threw himself eagerly into Shakespeare, Pope and other masters. He was a driven lad who would constantly read, particularly the poetical works and novels of the time.
Rabbie Burns the Poet loved Wine, women & song
Today in the 21st Century he  is celebrated every year with a fitting tribute the world over  25th  January "Burns Supper"

  • Award-winning 

  • Truffles, Honey Citrus Confiture Infused with Edible Gold 


Truffles the most Expensive food in the World!

History reveals that the composer Gioacchino Rossini called it “the Mozart of fungi” while Lord Byron kept one on his desk because the perfume helped his inspiration (must try that!)
The Renaissance saw the revival of good taste and a good table and the truffle began to take pride of place.
The prized truffles appeared at the tables of French lords in the XIV and XV centuries, while in that period in Italy the white truffle was becoming established

Truffles in the 21st Century

 Award-winning Exlusive Deli-isher's Cuisine 21st Century Truffles, Honey Citrus Confiture Infused with Edible Gold!
Bon Appétit