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  Deli-Isher's Cuisine
 Hand-Crafted in Scotland  Est 2016
Award Winning Edible Works of Art 

Hand Crafted in Scotland est: 2016

Award Winning Confiture's & Nectars Edible Works of Art

Edible Works of Art Cocktail & Moctail  Nectars & Award Winning  Confiture's

"Love of Beauty is Taste

The Creation of Beauty is Art" R W Emerson

Deli-Isher's Cuisine  Artisan Award Winning 'Edible Works of Art' Exclusive  Cocktail Nectars & Confitures

 Hand Crafted  with love in 'MA's Edible Art Studio'

Antosa Isherwood is an Art Historian (MA Aberdeen University + Dipl Catering )  Artist & Mother of 4 sons who  over the  years both in UK, Scotland and Kenya has created  what is known to family, friends & clients as special  Love Treats, Edible Works Art described as

"Bijoux but perfectly formed in every way"

Welcome to
Deli-Isher's Cuisine
'Edible Works of Art
' by Antosa
Deli-Ishers Cuisine Award Winning Exclusive Hand Crafted  Edible Works of Art is the Artistic Creation of Antosa Isherwood  and is an extention of her absolute love of Art which includes Gourmet Connoisseur Drinks & all Cuisine

Left: Antosa  21st Centruy Biogeometric Art Works exhibited at  Birnam Art Centre 09/09/2017 her most recent Art Works'Lady of the Sycamore' & 'Tree of Life Platinum gold Oak Gateway to Eternity' are  Dedicated to the Ancient Birnam Wood made famous by Shakespeare in Macbeth the Ancient Oak Tree &  Sycamore Tree
 left: Antosa Isherwood:Art Historian (MA Aberdeen University) Artist, Poet published
Children's Author/Illustrator ©™ Mother 4 sons,Original Biogeometric Art Designer ,
Dipl Catering, PerfumerDpl Guilimard  ,Former London Harley Street Consultant Holistic Health & Beauty,
BSc (Edin)Cert Refl, Dip Aro ,MAR

Deli-isher's Exclusive Scottish Signature Craft Nectar
Citrus Heather Nectar

left : In honour of Sr Walter Scott Designer Citrus Heather Nectar Cocktail by Antosa©

'It is on record that the Heather was the favorite flower of Sir Walter Scott, as dear to him as his own "land of brown heath and shaggy wood;" and his references to the plant occur often in those immortal pen portraits of Scotland's mountain scenery.

Edible Work of Art
'The Lady of Shallot '

Gin, Strawberry & Vanilla Rose Cocktail

Let the Night  Be-Gin

25ml Gin
25ml Deli-isher’s Citrus Strawberry & Vanilla Rose Nectar
1 large strawberry, plus extra to garnish

1 edible rose petal

leaf of Edible 24 carat Gold leaf

50ml Sicilian Lemonade

Club soda


In a cocktail shaker, combine Deli-isher’s Citrus Strawberry & Vanilla Rose Nectar, Gin and lemonade. Fill with ice and shake. Strain into the prepared cocktail glass and top with a splash of club soda.

Garnish with a strawberry & or edible Rose Petal top with Edible 24carat Gold Leaf

Ps. To create a Deli-isher's Mocktail please omit the Gin instead use 25ml of
'Herbie Virgin' (Said to be the 'world's first' non-alcoholic gin)

Food of the Gods

Above The Food of the Gods on Mt Olympus (1530), majolica dish attributed to Nicola da Urbino

Ancient Greece Food of the Gods & Goddesses



It was said that whoever consumed Ambrosia no longer had blood in their veins, but another substance called ichor (the golden fluid that flowed in the veins of gods and immortals)


Nectar was called the divine drink it had the magical property to confer immortality on any mortal who had the luck to drink it.

Now I cannot promise immortality only that once tasted you will want to stay alive to taste more! :) Deli-isher’s  21st Century Edible Works of Art  ‘Food of the Gods’

  Edible Works of Art Confiture's

Gin n Lime Gimlet Confiture infused with Basil Cucumber & Edible Gold

Let the Day Be-Gin

 Signature Ingredient for Deli-ishers Limited  luxury editions of Ambrosial Confitures

(Edible) 23 & 24 Carat Gold 

Confiture's Served from a Golden Rose Teaspoon

Above: Antosa's handmade deli bread with the Gin n Lime Gimlet Confiture
Bon Appétit

History of Edible Gold

The first evidence of gold used as a food dates back to the second millennium

BC in Ancient Egypt. And latest 21st Century Gourmet Edition Deli-isher's Cuisine.